Chamonix Winter Activities

Chamonix’s array of winter activities is simply staggering. Obviously skiing and snowboarding are the focus during the snowy months and the 170 km of pisted area, spread across five areas, offers diversity and choice for every level.

To see more about skiing or snowboarding in Chamonix visit our Ski Areas page.

For non-skiers or for a change of activity during your holiday there is a great opportunity to try some of the fantastic indoor and outdoor activities at hand. The valley has something for all age ranges and tastes. Try something new in this stunning environment.

Explore the options below or contact us with any questions you may have.

QC Thermal Spa Chamonix

QC Terme Chamonix

Opened in August 2018 the long awaited arrival of QC’s Thermal Spa exceeds all our expectations! Building on the iconic Spa baths ‘QC Pre St Didier’ in Courmayeur Italy the Chamonix spa is a modern, clean, and slick facility.

Using fine materials from granite, slate and cedar it has over 30 different rooms including an outdoor heated spa pool and sun terrace.

Saunas, Hamans, ice rooms, waterfalls and relaxation areas area beautifully integrated into the layout.

With massage and treatment rooms and lunch and evening dining facilities you can spend as much time as you need to relax and unwind.

Reduced entry fee with all MBU ski passes during the winter.

Open daily and year round and located between the ice skating rink and tennis club just outside Chamonix centre.

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Huski Sled Rides

Woof! Traditional alpine transport! Drive your own husky sled or enjoy as a passenger.

This unique adventure is very popular and its an experience not to be missed!

Explore the winter wonderland as you head out with your own husky sleigh, through the snowy scenery, ideal for families with children or groups of friends looking for a new alpine sensation.

Ski Joëring

Ski Joëring in Chamonix Mont Blanc

This mix of skiing and equestrianism is perfect for nature lovers. Dervived from the Norwegian word "Skikjøring" meaning ski driving, this sport has been practiced since as far back as 2500 BC.

Ski Joëring can be practiced by anyone who loves skiing and horses. Whether the horse be at a gentle stroll or at a thrilling gallop, this is a sport that both the young and old can enjoy.

Helicopter Flights

Flying past majestic peaks and climbing up to the summit of Europe in under 5 minutes from the private helipad tucked away in the forest of Argentiere. Described by one of our guests as ‘the new definition of awesome’. Not as expensive as you might imagine a 15 minute trip trip with 5 friends can cost as little as €70pp.

Sports Centre & Indoor Pool

During the winter months the indoor centre sportif Charles Bozon is open to both locals and tourists. In indoor heated 25meter pool and paly pool with slides for kids offers hours of fun. There is also a gym, ham man and sauna facilities.

Ice Hockey / Skating

This fast paced and physical winter sport makes for an adrenaline packed spectator evening with the local team the Chamois in the top French leageue. Why not also try the sport on an open evening. Ice skating is available inside and outdoors and with facilities for introducing the sport to Children its and excellent alternative fun day.

Ski Doo Evening

Ski-doo Nights in Courmayeur - Italy

In the early evening the Ice and Orange team will take you through to a lovely picturesque Italian village (through the Mont Blanc Tunnel). Several Italian ski-doo drivers will be awaiting you under a starry sky at the foot of the mountains ready to give you a pillion ride up the mountain, an exhilarating and thrilling experience!

Once you have cleared the last rise, a torch-lit runway will reveal itself, leading right up to the refuge. Here you will be received with a champagne welcome by the restaurant owner (Jacomo) and his lovely staff, who will be looking after you for the evening.

Inside the traditional alpine refuge you will be served a fantastic typical Italian 5 course dinner. The meal is followed by a strong drink from the amity cup which gets passed around. This traditional drink consists of coffee laced with brandy, sugar, lemon and orange rinds and will certainly get you warmed up ready for a boogie on the bar!

Just after midnight, you can either opt for a torch lit descent on skis (with a guide) or to descend back down by skidoo. This is an ideal way to spend the chalet’s night off!

Snow Shoeing

Snowshoeing is simply walking / trekking in the snow. Wearing snowshoes makes the walking easier by stopping us sinking in soft snow, and giving us grip if the snow is hard or icy. Many tours are available daytime and during the evening. We can arrange for a trip ending up in a beautiful old chalet after an hours candle lit stroll for a delicious local feast. Excellent on the chalets staff night off.

Wilderness Evening

A winter night’s adventure to discover fabulous snowy scenery and enjoy a traditional Savoyard meal set in the forest, in a Mongolian Yourt.

A magical evening under the starlit alpine skies, taking the last cable car up the mountain there awaits a 45 minute of pure adrenalin run on a traditional wooden sled, arriving at the Yourt, hidden in the forest.

Campfires and warm soup greet us on arrival and then a traditional meal of salad, tartiflette and a dessert is served, before you're whisked back to Chamonix.

A unique alpine experience that you definitely can't do at home!